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Windshield Replacements

For windshields that cannot be repaired, we will replace your windshield with a top quality OEM approved windshield and adhesive. A proper and safe windshield installation is job one for us.

A windshield replacement is covered under the comprehensive (not collision) portion of your insurance. Most of our customers use their comprehensive coverage for windshield replacements. In most cases this offers great savings to the customer. Downtown Auto Glass fosters great relationships with insurance companies and we will be more than happy to take care of all the paperwork for you.

At Downtown Auto Glass your family’s safety is our main priority, you leave your car with confidence and pick it up with peace of mind knowing the job was done properly.

ADAS recalibrations

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Stone Chip Repairs

Over 30% of wind-shields can be repaired if it’s just a stone chip. Stone chip repairs are covered by the comprehensive portion of your insurance. Your insurance company will waive your deductible as an incentive to get your stone chip repaired. When completed, a stone chip repair may not be invisible, but is warranted against spreading for as long as you own your vehicle. A stone chip repair is an environmentally friendly option.

These are examples of stone chips that are repairable, provided that a quarter will cover the entire damage:

Mobile Service

Downtown Auto Glass currently has two mobile units serving London and area, these fully equipped units enable us to do most jobs where you live, work, learn and play.

Please note: Windshields can’t be replaced in cold or wet weather situations. Downtown Auto Glass will not compromise quality or a proper and safe windshield installation. We have many ways to take care of you and your vehicle, just give us a call or shoot us an email.

Vehicle Pick up and Vehivle Drop off avaialble

Side/Back Glass Repair

We can take care of all your vandalism claims from start to finish. We will inspect your car, contact your insurance company and take care of all the paperwork needed. We will replace the window and clean all the glass from your vehicle. We can usually have this done the same day. If this is not an insurance claim, we will provide you with the same great quality and service at a reasonable price. “We think you’ve been through enough already, so we’ll take care of you.”


Downtown Auto Glass has the experience and knowledge, along with creativity and technical ability, to pattern custom cut, polish and install safety glass in all types of classic cars and trucks.

Downtown Auto Glass can take care of all your convertible top and convertible top back glass needs, We can provide quotes directly to your insurance company and look after all the paperwork.

What We Don’t Do

This is a 2013 Toyota Rav 4 that had a windshield replaced at Local Auto Glass Shop. This was the result of their second attempt to do the job.

We had to remove the windshield. While the windshield was out, Carstar London west had to refinish and paint the windshield frame, once repainted we had to supply and install a new, proper heated windshield.

The cost of this repair was $1000.

Customer Reviews

“It’s always a pleasure to Deal with Jeff. Jeff and his Team always look after us and provide quality work in a timely manner. The Pickup and delivery of vehicles is always very helpful. Thank you for the outstanding Service!!”

Markus W., Service Manager Mercedes-Benz London